My First Experience With HTML

Over summer break going into sixth grade, I took a coding camp where I leaerned to make my first webpage. I was delighted that I could make a webpage, but forgot most of the code that I was taught there. We used HTML like this one to make the webpage. This was an introduction for me, and now I can continue HTML in this class.

My First Webpage

My first Webpage was just several paragraphs about me with headers and a title. There were images and colors in it too, with snow falling in the background. I enjoyed making this webpage.

After Coding Camp

Aftere taking the coding camp to make a webpage, I attended another week of the camp to learn how to make simple games from Javascript. With help from the teachers, I was able to make 2048, which was exciting to play a game I made. When this part of camp was over, however, I did not do any coding at all, so I am pretty much starting over from the beginning again this year.

Technology Class At YISS

About one and a half years after the camp, I got the chance to revisit HTML in technology class here at YISS. This will be my second time making a webpage, and I am excited to see how different it will be from my previous one in a good way. The class is going well so far, so I am not expecting huge challenges, but there may be some.

What I Am Looking Foward To

This year in technology class, I am looking forward to making a new webpage with better designs and more elements than the one I made previously. I am curious if the steps will be very similar or very different compared to fifth grade.

Coding For Me In The Future

Right now, I believe that coding will not be a hobby or anything that I will do often when I grow up. After technology class ends this year, I will most likely not do any coding over the break and continue it next year. It will definitely not be my career job as an adult. I continue some Python after I finish my last class that consists of coding. I started learning Python last year, but have been doing very little this year.