How To Write A Haiku

a haiku

The first line, five beats
The second line, seven beats
The third line, five beats

Ode To Hotwheel Cars

an ode

These cars, who are
eagerly waiting for
a ravenous child to
rip them off the racks
and tenderly adopt them,
just cannot contain
their excitement as they
stare yearningly at shoppers
strolling by.

Then, I came along,
plucking every gorgeous speeder
one by one,
each of them
graciously thanking me or
anxiously imagining how their
new life would be
at their owner’s home.

Hotwheel cars
coming in every
shape, design, and color imaginable
prominently jut out
from the walls.
Ornately designed and
flamboyant works of art
glisten in the light.

Sleek, perfected arrows
hungrily speed across wooden floors
in radiant blurs
and fly around
homemade stadiums
crowded with imaginary fans.

Ridiculously insane
tattooed hippos
also linger around
the other species,
for people
with unique tastes
and designers’ wild creativities.

Cars simultaneously spin
around in circles
and dart from
here to there,
or swiftly skid sideways
from one side
of the room to the other.

Each one of these
silken, intricate,
and obscure images
fill every person’s imagination
from streamlined missiles
to bizarre masterpieces.

Now, it is my turn to
patiently wait for fresh
Hotwheel cars to roll
into my nearby store.


a limerick

Music is in every place you go.
Everyone makes music, friend or foe.
Every sound is music
Though it can make you sick.
Music comes from a cappuccino!